Business Operations

Dr. Hayes is available to do consulting on a limited basis. His academic appointment allows him to consult up to 1 day per week. These days can be accumulated and allow reasonable travel for outside work within limitations. Weekends and holidays add to his availability.

Dr. Hayes often teams with consulting firms on projects. His augmentation of their staff increases the team's capabilities and most firms have much more capability to provide large amounts of man hours that may be necessary to keep the project on track. This allows Dr. Hayes to focus his limited hours of availablity on the most important aspects of the project while assuring the project meets his clients' expectations.

Dr. Hayes also works with Federal, State and local regulatory agencies to facilitate permits and project approval. His extensive background, experience in education, and reputation can often expedive the process.

Dr. Hayes frequently provides specialized consulting services on projects for which his areas of technical expertise are of particular value. He does this type of work around his University position, which must come first. Conflicts are seldom an issue, because of the flexibility his employbucket dredge in Canadament provides him. Most conflicts are associated with travel and, as long as there is some scheduling flexibility or plenty of notice, there is seldom a problem. It does sometime influence his travel schedule and, subsequently, travel costs.

Dr. Hayes does not have any employees or support staff. In an effort not to compete with the many private consultants available, he prefers to work collaboratively with commercial consulting firms if a broad spectrum of consulting services is needed. That allows him to focus my efforts exclusively within his primary areas of expertise. Dr. Hayes generally tries to keep the number of hours that he spends on a project to the minimum necessary to accomplish the objectives.

Except in unusual cases, Dr. Hayes will be the only person working on the project since he does not have any employees. His wife, Debra, sometimes assists with collecting and organizing documents. She is librarian by profession (BS and MS). Since her background is non-technical, she is not able to provide input regarding the project itself. Dr. Hayes typically does not bill for her services unless they become essential to the positive outcome of the project or it would be more cost (and schedule) effective; e.g. extensive record collection and assimilation. This is unusual and he would discuss this with you before engaging Debra to any significant extent (i.e. enough to bill for her services).

Dr. Hayes bills monthly for services at a mutally agreed upon rate normal activities including travel time. He uses a multiplier of 2.0 for premium services such as deposition and testimony. He charges all expenses at cost, including travel. He provides separate documentation with receipts for anything over $25 as part of the monthly invoice.

Dr. Hayes prefers to book his own travel. Since he is frugal by nature, his travel costs are usually modest. He typically inquires if travel costs seem to be unusually expensive. He flies coach class for domestic travel and business class for international travel. He also often flies his own private plane if the distance, weather, and schedule allow. He charges Federal mileage rates for any travel via private auto or plane. He charges meals at cost or use Federal per diem rates, whichever is most convenient for him. Parking, taxi services, internet access, and other travel-related incidentals are charged at cost.