Dr. Hayes has had the privilage to assist in publications as well as publish some of his own work. Below is a list of some technical reports, conference papers, journal publications, and books he has worked on since 2000.

Technical Reports

Hayes, D. F., Schroeder, P. R., and Borrowman, T. D.. “Resuspension Factor Approach for Estimating Dredging-related Sediment Resuspension,” Draft Technical Note DOER-TN***, Vicksburg, MS.

Todd S. Bridges, Stephen Ells, Donald Hayes, David Mount, Steven C. Nadeau, Michael R. Palermo, Clay Patmont, and Paul Schroeder. “The Four Rs of Environmental Dredging: Resuspension, Release, Residual, and Risk,” ERDC/EL TR-08-4, Environmental Laboratory, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Vicksburg, MS 39180, January 2008.

Hayes, D.F., “Practicality of Dredging PCB-contaminated Sediments from Dick’s Creek,” Expert Report (letter form) to US Department of Justice, September 2004.

Hayes, D.F. and Herrenkohl, M.J., “Technically-based Cost Allocation for the Greens Bayou Stipulation Requirements,” Expert Report in the matter of GB Biosciences and ISK-Magnetics vs. Occidental Chemical Corporation, July 2004.

Hayes, D.F., “Cost Allocation for the Greens Bayou Indemnity Agreement,” Expert Report in the matter of GB Biosciences and ISK-Magnetics vs. Occidental Chemical Corporation, July 2004.

Hayes, D.F., “Evaluation of Dredging Alternatives for Onondaga Lake,” Appendix L, Onondaga Lake Feasibility Study Report, Onondaga County, New York, May 2004

Hayes, D.F., “Dredging Contaminated Sediments at the Metal Bank NPL Site,” Expert Report to US Department of Justice, February 2004.

Hartman, G.L., Hayes, D.F., and Herrenkohl, M.J., “Comprehensive Evaluation of Alternatives for Greens Bayou,” Expert Report to Fulbright and Jaworski, LLP., April 30, 2003.

Hayes, Donald F., “Assessment of Stream Water Quality in the Vernon-Sheeprock Mountains,” Final Report, Uinta National Forest, Orem, UT, September 2001.

Dearden, Mary and Hayes, Donald F., “Management Plan for BP Amoco SLC Wetland,” final report to BP Amoco SLC Business Unit, May 2001.

Welp, T.; Hayes, D.; Tubman, M.; McDowell, S.; Fredette, T.; Clausner, J.; and Albro, C. “Dredge Bucket Comparison Demonstration at Boston Harbor,” March 2001, Publication No. ERDC/CHL CHETN-VI35.


Conference Papers

Tiwari, P. and Hayes, D.F., “Quantifying Bucket Dredging Residuals,” Proceedings, WEDA XXXII Technical Conference and TAMU 43 Dredging Seminar, San Antonio, TX, June  2012.

Hayes, D.F., Salkuti, K.K., Gummadi, G.B., “Evaluation and Modification of the Dredging Elutriate Test,” Proceedings, WEDA XXXI Technical Conference and TAMU 42 Dredging Seminar, Nashville, TN, June 2011.

Hayes, D.F.; Chintamaneni, R.; Bommareddy, P.; and Cherukuri, B., “Propwash Impacts On Water Quality Around Dredging And Other Marine Construction Activities,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXX/TAMU 41, San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 6-9, 2010.

Hayes, D.; G. Gummadi; and K. Salkuti, “Geobag Loading Analysis,” Proceedings of WEDA XXIX & TAMU 40, June 2009, Tempe, AZ.

Hayes, D.F., L. Hvasta, and W. Montgomery. “Turbidity Barriers in Simple Flow Regimes,” Proceedings of WEDA XXVIII & TAMU 39, June 2008, St. Louis, MO.

Hayes, D.F., T.D. Borrowman, and P.R. Schroeder, “Process-based Estimation of Sediment Resuspension Losses During Bucket Dredging,” Proceedings of the World Dredging Congress, May 28 – June 1, 2007.

Palermo, M., Hayes, D., Reible, D., Verduin, J., Warren, S. and J. McAuliffe, “Onondaga Lake Sediment Remediation – Dredging and Capping Alternatives,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXV and TAMU 37th Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, July, 2005.

Fidler, B.; Garvey, E.; Hayes, D; and Hess, A., “Hudson River Performance Standards: Protection and Production,” Third International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments, 2005.

Hayes, D.F. and P.K. Andy Hong, “Innovative Concept for In Situ Contaminated Sediment Remediation,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXIV and TAMU 36th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, July 6-9, 2004.

Burt, T.N. and D.F. Hayes, “Framework for Research Leading to Improved Assessment of Dredge Generated Plumes,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXIV and TAMU 36th Annual Conference, Orlando, FL, July 6-9, 2004.

Herrenkohl, M.J., Hayes, D.F., Marnicio, R., and Lally, J., “Predicting Residual Contamination in Surface Sediments After Dredging,” Proceedings of the 2003 Pacific Coast Chapter Annual Meeting, Maui, HI, October 2003.

Burt, T.N. and D.F. Hayes, “US-UK Cooperation On Dredging Turbidity Modeling,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXIII and TAMU 35th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, June 10-13, 2003.

Hayes, Donald F., “The Dredging Process: Opportunities to Avoid Windows,” PIANC Environmental Windows Workshop: Achieving Dredging Decisions That Balance Economic And Environmental Concerns, April 16, 2002, Vicksburg, MS. (Presentation Only)

Hayes, Donald F., “Toxic Constituent Losses During Dredging of Contaminated Sediments,” EPA Superfund Workshop on Contaminated Sediments, Alexandria, VA, May 30-June 1, 2001.

Hayes, Donald F. and Wu, Pei-Yao, “Simple Approach to TSS Source Strength Estimates,” Proceedings of the WEDA XXI and TAMU 33rd Annual Conference, Houston, TX, June 25-27, 2001.

Hayes, D., Borrowman, T., and Welp, T., “Near-Field Turbidity Observations During Boston Harbor Bucket Comparison Study,” Proceedings of WEDA XX and TAMU 32nd Annual Conference, Providence, RI, June 2000.


Journal Publications

McCoy, N.; Tang, B.; Besse, G.; Gang, D.; Hayes, D. (2015) “Laboratory study of a novel marsh shoreline protection structure: Wave reduction, silt-clay soil collection, and mathematical modeling.” Coastal Engineering (Elsevier Science), 105, 13-20.

Rashid, M. and D. Hayes, “Nonlinear Programming for Analyzing Flocculent Settling Data,” Water Environment Research, Volume 86, Number 4, April 2014, pp. 346-359.

Youngrip Han, Kraig Johnson, Donald Hayes, Hua Xu, and Youngik Choi, “Novel Mathematical Modelling on Pilot-scale of Plug-flow Aerated Submerged Biofilm Reactor for Dissolved Organic Matter and Nitrogen Removal,” Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 18: 989-999 (2013).

Hayes, D; Chintamaneni, R.; Bommareddy, P.; and Cherukuri, B., “Vessel-Induced Sediment Resuspension,” Journal of Dredging Engineering, Volume 12, No. 2, October 2012.

Rashid, M. and Hayes, D. “Needs-based Sewerage Prioritization: Alternative to Conventional Cost-Benefit Analysis,” Journal of Environmental Management (2011), oi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2011.05.002.

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Reible, D.D., D. Hayes, C. Lue-Hing, J. Patterson, N. Bhowmik, M. Johnson, and J. Teal , “Comparison of the Long-Term Risks of Removal and In-Situ Management of Contaminated Sediments in the Fox River,” Journal of Soil and Sediment Contamination, 12(3):325-344.

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Books, Book Chapters & Special Publications

Palermo, M. and Hayes, D.F., “Sediment Dredging, Treatment and Disposal,” Sustainable Sediment Management, March 2014.

J. Selke, D. Hayes, and D. Stevens (editors), Critical Transitions in Water & Environmental Resources Management, American Society of Civil Engineers, Proceedings of the 2004 World Water and Environmental Congress, June 2004 (CD-ROM).

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Malcolm Pirnie and TAMS/EarthTech, Hudson River PCBs Superfund Site: Engineering Performance Standards, US Environmental Protection Agency, April 2004. (co-author of most sections and primary technical responsibility for document)

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